USAA North American Championship

Above photos by Art Petrosemolo

US Albacore Association 2016 North American Championship

October 8-10 2016

Hosted by Rock Hall Yacht Club and sailed off the beach of the Sandy Hook Bay Catamaran Club in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, this will be a fun-filled, action-packed weekend regatta. Rock Hall Yacht Club is a family-oriented, volunteer based organization dedicated to promoting and encouraging active participation in the sport of sailing and recreational boating. 

The town of Rock Hall is just 15 minutes away.  Its a beautiful small community and any tag-alongs who are not competing or watching the races will enjoy touring it and, perhasps, doing a bit of shopping.

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On-Line Registration

On-Line registration is UNDER CONSTRUCTION.  .  

When it is available, go to Regatta Entry then scroll to Registration.   It may appear to be active now, but it will not calculate your cost correctly!   You may check you own costs using the prices on the NOR.  If you register before the site correctly calculates your total fee and you use paypal. simple be prepared to pay the diffeence at check-in, in US dollars.